How can digital + physical = immersive experience?
How might we use digital to enhance physical experience within communities?
Can we merge digital with physical?
The dynamic between the digital and physical world is shifting. With the rise of augmented and virtual reality travelling beyond the gaming industry, we have potential to move beyond flat screen displays and create engaging content that users can interact with and in effect, co-create.

This interplay between the physical and digital has so much potential. Can we use it to play with some of the senses like touch, smell and sight? How can we use digital to create more meaningful experiences within communities?

Can we work together?
I'm currently looking for collaborators, partners and sponsors to join me on this journey. If you want to share your thoughts, knowledge or get involved, let's talk.
Hi, I'm Riz! I'm an experience designer with a graphic design background. I believe in creating meaningful experiences through interactions, storytelling and human-centred design.

I'm passionate about understanding the interplay between the physical and digital worlds, and how we can combine the two to create more meaningful, immersive experiences.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to understand people, and how and why they do what they do. I enjoy the design process, researching to really get to grips with the challenge alongside a multidisciplinary team, to create memorable experiences.

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