NHS Blood and Transplant
THe CHallenge
How might we create a holistic donor experience that becomes a part of everyday life.
A seamless experience for donors from beginning to end.
The future of NHSBT
After conducting in-depth research and becoming a blood donor ourselves, we could see the pain points in the blood donation process; from masses of paperwork and waiting time to eligibility and availability. we used design fiction to capture the future of blood donation for NHSBT, and how seamless of a process it could be in 5 years time.

Role: user interviews, expert interviews, discussion guide, blood donation, storyboard, filming, copywriting, client presentation.
Creating a seamless Donor Experience
The biggest strength of NHSBT are their friendly, welcoming staff. How can we make their life easier by improving the below:
Difficulty in knowing if you are eligible before turning up for an appointment.
Reliance on paper
Everything is done manually and then scanned in to be recorded digitally.
Wait time
It can take 2 hours to donate, when actual blood donation time is 15 minutes.
Opening hours do not allow for busy donors.
Clinical Feeling
Hospital feel makes first time donors feel uncomfortable and uneasy.
Inconsistent communication
From before and after session care to steps in the process and follow up communications.
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