User Research
The Climate: The brief set by was to look at the planning and managing of trips within the UK and uncover opportunity areas that could explore further.

The Approach: After conducting extensive forms of both qualitative and quantitative research, the information was synthesised and two main pain-points were apparent: time and money.

The Challenge: How might we change people's perception of time and money?

The Opportunity: Create Short-term experiences that overpower any the value of time or money.

The Result: We presented back several opportunity areas within the field of short term experiences. By doing this they could initiate a cultural shift by changing the perception of time and money, leveraging short-term experiences as a gateway. As time and money is relative to the individual, using the benefits of short-term experiences to create lasting experiences for users, can encourage the undertaking of more trips.

The Opportunities Areas:
1 utilising small windows of travel wait-time to discover new things
2 using short breaks to step out of the comfort zone
3 making tourist feel like locals in their own city.

This shift to see the value of experiences over other things fits in with current trends and is supported by in-depth user interviews that gained great insights and stories that supported these findings.

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