User Research
The brief set by was to look at the planning and managing of trips within the UK and uncover opportunity areas that could explore further. After conducting various forms of qualitative and quantitate research, this was synthesised to uncovered two main painpoint for our users: time and money.

The challenge: How might we change people's perception of time and money?

Opportunity: Short-term experiences.

We uncovered that could initiate a cultural shift by changing the perception of time and money, by using short-term experiences as a gateway. As time and money is relative to the individual, using the benefits of short-term experiences to create lasting experiences for users, can encourage the undertaking of more trips.

The opportunities are in utilising small windows of travel wait-time to discover new things, using short breaks to step out of the comfort zone, and making tourist feel like locals in their own city. This shift to see the value of experiences over other things fits in with current trends and is supported by in-depth user interviews that gained great insights and stories that supported these findings.

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