DeepDive app concept
The Climate: The number of people who swim regularly is declining.

The Challenge: How might we inspire more people to swim?

The Approach: After user research, we realised that there's a lot of barriers that prevent people from swimming on a regular basis. After prototyping several themes, an opportunity was discovered in combining the relaxation aspects of swimming and the meditative aspects of breathing, which allow users to enjoy a meditative swim.

The Result: DeepDive is an app that helps swimmers of all level master their breathing technique, in and out of water. With DeepDive users develop confidence, and unlock their potential through meditative swim. The app works through a progression from land to water; you begin by practising in the comfort of your own home and gradually apply these techniques to swimming. DeepDive aims to helps people become more confident and comfortable in water, release any stress and anxiety, and allow them to feel good.


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